There are no words in this tiny book, but the engraved spine gives it an unmistakable codex shape. Made in Southern Germany c. 1550, this fascinating and unique pendant in the form of a book instead showcases devotional artwork and likely harbored a relic as well.


Book Commode? Yes, ye olde toilets trimmed with an outer “book” wrapping, either to obscure or at least to accessorize, were a thing in the eighteenth century, particularly in France. This example, which heads to auction in New York on March 4, is constructed

“Blook and book cultures have a parallel existence, and blooks provide a revealing side-angle view on the use and meaning of real books.” From safes to spice racks, sewing kits to snake gags, book-shaped objects are everywhere. Why are they so appealing? In a whimsically serious exhibition to open at the Grolier Club on January 28, 2016, Mindell