doyle new york

A busy week coming up in the salerooms:
There seems no better time than the eve of Halloween to feature the artwork of Charles Addams, the American illustrator whose penchant for the macabre gave us The Addams Family, as well as
Another very busy week in the book-auction world:
Doyle will hold an online-only sale of Hunting Books from the Collection of Arnold "Jake" Johnson on Tuesday, August 14, in 215 lots.
At Bunch Auctions on Monday, July 23, Books & Works on Paper, in 269 lots.
On Monday, April 23, Australian Book Auctions sells Books and Documents, in 182 lots.
On November 24, 2014, Doyle New York held a highly-successful sale of the New York City Bar Association Rare Book Collection.
Capping off Rare Book Week on April 9, Doyle NY will offer this Babylonian cuneiform cylinder,
Going to auction next week at Doyle New York is a collection of signed celebrity and society Polar