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SDSU Library Receives $2.25 Million Science Fiction Collection

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Edward E. Marsh has spent thirty years and millions of dollars assembling one of the largest and most significant collections of science fiction on the planet. And now he is gifting much of it to San Diego State University’s Love Library.


The gift, valued at more than $2.25 million, will eventually be displayed in the “Edward Marsh Golden Age of Science Fiction Room,” created specifically to house these works. It will take several months to catalogue the collection before it will be available to the public.

Catalogue Review: L.W. Currey, List #14

Today I'm taking a journey to the center of a genre I know little about ... science fiction. But the twenty-page Occasional List #14 offered by L.W. Currey of Elizabethtown, NY, is a pleasure to read nevertheless. The descriptions are straightforward, the color photography is well done, and there are 197 interesting and oddball books to enjoy.