Last month, the Lake District National Park Authority (LDNPA) issued a statement declaring that off road vehicles would not be banned from the park, a move that has upset some locals who say dirtbikes and cars are ruining the countryside. 

CLS_1914_medium.jpgThe South's oldest library, the
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jc_peckham_peace_wall_003_0.jpgThis past August marked the anniversary of the
One of our ongoing concerns here at Fine Books is the intersection of books and art.  In the midst of a digital revolution in publishing, I would like to start profiling small, independent publishers who produce fine editions of their books; those who relish in the artistic possibilities of the codex and create the collectable books of our age.

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Lawrence Worms, current President of the ABA in Britain and owner of Ash Rare Books since 1971, has set off on a self-styled book safari.  On his election to the ABA, Worms promised his fellow ABA members that throughout his tenure he would travel around