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Highlights from the New York International Antiquarian Book Fair
The Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair is coming up in just a few weeks, Nov
It’s Women’s History Month, which means many antiquarian booksellers have issued catalogues and lists highlighting rare books by and about women.
Our Bright Young Booksellers series continues today with Miranda Garno Nesler, Director of Women's Literature and Histo
As mentioned last week, the antiquarian book world’s first major gathering of 2020, which entails three boo
Rockwell Kent was on my mind owing to our new spring issue's feature story about the time when Rockwell Kent, Rex Stout, and Egmont Arens teamed up to publish Casanova's memoir in the states, where
Last year I vowed to get to the 'Shadow Show' earlier, and this year I did it.
Catalogue Review: Whitmore Rare Books # 2
Yesterday was another full--productive, surprising, humbling--day of looking at books.