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“Blook and book cultures have a parallel existence, and blooks provide a revealing side-angle view on the use and meaning of real books.” From safes to spice racks, sewing kits to snake gags, book-shaped objects are everywhere. Why are they so appealing? In a whimsically serious exhibition to open at the Grolier Club on January 28, 2016, Mindell

Earlier this year I mentioned that New York City had fallen under the spell of Alice in Wonderland, and this week the birthday celebrations for the 150-year-old classic reach maximum intensity. Starting today, members of the

A small, private press in Newburgh, New York will mark its 30th anniversary with a special exhibition at the Grolier Club in New York City sponsored by the Vassar College Archives & Special Collection Library.

Founded in 1985 by Luke Ives Pontifell, Thornwillow Press is one of the most recognized private presses operating in the United States today. During its 30 years, Thornwillow

Over the past weekend, New York City hosted three antiquarian book fairs. I set out to cover as much ground as possible -- perusing booths, meeting booksellers and collectors, and, inevitably, keeping an eye out for books to add to my collection(s).


Powerful narrative, unforgettable characters, illustrations that stir the

Is it me, or did this short week bring more neat book- and paper-related stories in the media than usual? Here's a roundup, in case you missed them.

The Boston Globe ran a feature about paper conservators at the Boston Athenaeum. "We have a lot of
It's that time of year--before we shove out the old and ring in the new, let's take a quick look at last year's top ten blog posts here at Fine Books. ICYMI...

#1 Ten Reasons a Pessimist can be Optimistic About the Future of the Book
06 Palliser cottage.jpegThe fascinating history of the American Dream of
On December 5, the Grolier Club will open an exhibition of extraordinary rare books illustrating the origins and evolution of the modern museum.

In the 16th century, European collectors  filled special rooms or cabinets with a miscellaneous conglomeration of items, including paintings and drawings; plant specimens (especially those with medicinal properties); animals (including