A new exhibition will be the first to celebrate the animals that found their way into the books and homes of
Kafka: Making of an Icon will mark the 100th anniversary of the author’s death and celebrate not only Ka
Remember Me: American Carved Stone Books from the Ian Berke Collection will explore the area where book-like objects and folk art intersect. 
Heroes: The British invasion of American comics opens at the Cartoon Museum in London next month with a look at how British artists and writers
On view in the Grolier Club’s ground floor gallery in New York from May 2 through July 27, Hardly Harmless Drudgery: Landmarks in English Lexicog
Years ago, when I was researching the history of Arctic phot
Cambridge University Library will draw on its collections of
A new exhibition at the British Museum will explore the final three decades of
Ulises Carrión Bogard, one of the most influential of all modern artists engaged in exploring the book form, is celebrated in the new exhibition Ulises Carrión: Bookworks and Beyond at
A new Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition and book will explore late 19th century American literary posters, a vibrant genre at t