Steve Alburty

Thanks to book tours, readers have many chances to hear favorite authors read from their own work, and most writers do so admirably. (David Sedaris has made his reading appearances into a well-deserved little side-business.) 

Writers now know how to read in public simply because the practice has become so commonplace. Reading from one's own work requires a minor subset of the same
Kirkus Reviews, the little digest that could make or break an upcoming book with a pre-publication review, is ceasing publication.

Librarians and independent book publishers relied on Kirkus since 1933 to help make its buying decisions, The staff of Kirkus was small, but it relied on a huge network of freelance reviewers to publish as many as 5,000
The author Ray Bradbury has failed in his personal efforts to keep the H. P. Wright Library in Ventura, Calif., open.  Mr. Bradbury had appeared at a fund-raiser in June, but when voters rejected a recent bond measure, the library was unable to close a $650,000 deficit.

Mr. Bradbury said in an interview last summer, "Libraries raised me. I don'
It is important for the understanding of this post that you understand that I live three miles from Phoenicia, New York, a village that is two blocks long, but has a library