Stephen J. Gertz

July 12, 2009
My girlfriend's father died recently and in amongst his belongings she found a curious pamphlet.
July 8, 2009
In its first No Reserve Bibliophile Sale Bloomsbury-NY blew
July 1, 2009
TERRA INCOGNITO, Gaia - Whereas, over the course of fifty-eight years I have mastered near complete ignorance of the subject of women, I am, naturally, going where sane men fear to tread, yet to insur
June 28, 2009
In a recent column, I discussed deflation coming to the rare book world
June 18, 2009
 Those who, like me, are beginning to see the faint outlines of Thanatos on the far horizon may remember a malodorous movie from 1960, The Scent
June 14, 2009
The title of Americana Exchange's latest analysis of the book auction market succinctly sums up what those in the trade have been feeling for quite some
June 8, 2009
One day in 1939, Frances Kroll Ring, a 22-year old with typing and dictation skills, was interviewed by Rusty's Employment Agency on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.
June 3, 2009
From Brian Busby, writer, reporter on the Canadian literary scene,
May 29, 2009
From the early 1930s through the late 1940s, wealthy Oklahoma oil millionaire