archive of letters

A March 10, 1836 document transmitting land to his brother Charles Lockhart, dated just four days after the fall of the Alamo. Lockhart had left the garrison to procure supplies and was in Gonzales…
University of Galway has launched Imirc
An archive of very personal correspondence relating to the English writer Penelope Bennett (b.1932) comes for sale in London late this month.
In December 2023, the Charles Dickens Museum bought 120 previously unpublished letters written by Georgina Hogarth, the author's sister-in-law, housekeeper,
An extraordinary selection of rarities from one of the world’s most highly regarded single-author collections, the Winston S.
A rare record of army life in the 19th century in the form of an archive of letters written by a soldier has sold for £6,500 in the Books, Maps and Manuscripts Sale at
Personal letters and books that mark the deep relationship between author E. M.
A collection of letters signed by celebrated 18th century Anglo-Irish novelist Maria Edgeworth
Relics from the collection of sleight-of-hand magician, actor, and author, Ricky Jay went for nearly $518,000 at Potter & Potter's Ricky Jay Collec
At the age of 19, young Romanian Melanie Serbu struck up a 20-year correspondence with Albert Einstein.