Star Wars

Given only six weeks to create the Star Wars movie score, composer John Williams ended up with 88 minutes of music which translated to about 800 pieces of sheet music.
The original draft script used by Hollywood actor Harrison Ford when he was in the UK in 1976 to play Han Solo in the first Star Wars film, is set to go under the hammer.
Mort Meskin's original cover for 1941's Leading Comics No.
More than 300 CGC-certified comic books will feature in Hakes' July 25-26 sale, including examples of nearly all of
Dallas — You know Robert McGinnis' work — famous faces, drop-dead bodies, glitz and glam and grime illuminating a single image — even if you do not know Robert McGinnis.
Dallas – A 93-year-old Winnie the Pooh illustration, Chas Addams cartoons, all three original trilogy Star Wars video cassette covers and an array of pulp covers from Norman Saund
AUSTIN, Texas—Thomas Smith (b.