movie posters

November 25, 2015
DALLAS—A stash of rare movie posters discovered under a linoleum floor in York County, Pennsylvania, sold for a combined $219,000 in Heritage Auctions’
November 3, 2015
DALLAS—The only known Style D one sheet for MGM’s 1932 classic
January 2, 2015
DALLAS—Heritage Auctions posted its “best ever” year in 2014—and its fifth straight year of growth—with a total of more than $969 million in total prices realized a
July 8, 2013
DALLAS — A rare one sheet from The Three Stooges’ classic film “Playing the Ponies” may bring more than $20,000 to lea
March 29, 2012
DALLAS, TX: The Berwick Discovery of Lost Movie Posters - a trove of 33 classic and incredibly rare posters dating back as far as 1930 - many examples of which were thought to be lost for all time, re