There are no words in this tiny book, but the engraved spine gives it an unmistakable codex shape. Made in Southern Germany c. 1550, this fascinating and unique pendant in the form of a book instead showcases devotional artwork and likely harbored a relic as well.


London — Senate House Library, University of London, has digitized over 80,000 pages from over 300 rare Renaissance texts dated 1474-1600 and they are now available to view online (free to all registered university library users across the UK).

(Washington, DC)  A shield made of hippopotamus skin. A mastedon’s tooth. Illustrations of fantastic war machines. Contemporary photography. Passages from Shakespeare.

What do these seemingly disparate objects have in common? All are on display in Very Like a Whale, a new exhibition at the Folger Shakespeare Library that showcases the lively world of the Renaissance imagination and
PARIS Nov 8 - At the end of the thirteenth century, Bologna was the largest city in Italy and the fifth largest city in Europe, outranking Paris.  The oldest university in Europe was located there, and for the next two centuries Bologna enjoyed a period of great prosperity - in culture and the arts, in its religious foundations, and in commerce and civic activities.

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