literary forgery

In our current issue, Nicholas Basbanes profiles author and book collector Bradford Morrow, whose new novel, The Forger’s Daughter, a sequel to his 2014 novel, The Forgers, hit bookstores this week.

To mark the occasion, we’re publishing

Literary forgers have plied their trade as long as there's been something worth copying, "creating" purely for financial reasons or simply being able to get away with it. Throughout history, some forgers have been content to "gild the lily," so to speak, while others attempted to rewrite history. Some fakes were so good they did alter history.

Notable literary hoaxes include a

Blame Johnny Depp. Or maybe Arturo Perez-Reverte, author of the 1993 novel The Club Dumas, which was then adapted into the 1999 film The Ninth Gate, starring Depp as a shady rare book dealer. Either way, we seem to have accepted this idea that the rare book trade is a dark underworld, peopled with deceptive booksellers, maniacal collectors, and greedy forgers. Two new novels pull

Bonhams is pleased to announce the sale of the Stuart B Schimmel Forgery Collection in London on 23 May.

This important and renowned collection of material relating to literary counterfeits was assembled over many decades by Stuart and Dorothy Schimmel. They were fascinated by the stories behind the forgeries and what the false documents revealed about the history of the times in which