William Shakespeare

September 18, 2012
(Washington, DC)  A shield made of hippopotamus skin. A mastedon’s tooth. Illustrations of fantastic war machines. Contemporary photography. Passages from Shakespeare.
March 20, 2012
Kara McLaughlin, proprietor of Little Sages in Cooper City, Florida, and
January 12, 2012
(Washington, DC)  Shakespeare’s heroine Rosalind criticizes the verses penned by her lover Orlando: “some of them had in them more feet than the verses would bear.”  No doubt she would write better on
September 27, 2011
Oxford, 27 September 2011. The Bodleian Libraries’ autumn exhibition Treasures of the Bodleian opens to the public this Friday, 30 September.
August 23, 2011
[ITHACA, NY] National Book Auctions, located in Ithaca, NY hosted a Sunday, August 14th auction featuring a wide assortment of collectible books and ephe