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We haven’t done a proper catalogue review for some time, but the relevancy and winking good cheer of “Discombobulation: or Musings on Life in Lockdown,” a collaborative catalogue presented by UK book dealers Deborah Coltham,

So pleased to see the new print edition of the Raptis Rare Books catalogue, in which Matthew and Adrienne Raptis announce they've moved from Brattleboro, Vermont, to a glittering new gallery on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida. Raptis specializes in modern first editions, inscribed volumes, and "landmark books in all fields." The firm last

French antiquarian bookseller Jean-Baptiste de Proyart recently published Catalogue Huit, a sumptuous compendium of illuminated manuscripts and rare books being offered for sale. This is the eighth catalogue de Proyart has released since setting up his own boutique, currently nestled on rue Fresnel in Paris' tony sixteenth arrondissement, a

Catalogue Review: Lorne Bair, One Hundred Recent Arrivals

What I have at hand is not one of Lorne Bair's "major" catalogues (one of which we reviewed in 2011), but it is a handy printed catalogue containing 100

Catalogue Review: Buddenbrooks Rare Books and Manuscripts

I don't know how it has happened, but I've never had the opportunity to visit Buddenbrooks Rare Books (in Boston) or even to peruse one of their catalogues -- until now. I've been flipping through catalogue 159 all week, each time finding something incredible.

As any
Catalogue Review: Bauman Rare Books, Holiday 2012

The thing about a Bauman Rare Books catalogue is that it makes you want to settle into a comfy chair with a hot toddy, fireside, before turning the cover. It is an experience to be savored. The catalogue is thick, shiny, colorful, and has gilded lettering; in other words,
img76_5.jpgOak Knoll Books of New Castle, Delaware, has just issued its 300th catalogue, a
Catalogue Review: Raptis Rare Books, #3

Catalogue Review: Honey & Wax No. 1

Catalogue Review: Kaaterskill Books, No. 15