June 6, 2012
The Bowler Press of North Vancouver, Canada, is about to undertake a huge printing project (with your help): a hand-printed, letterpress edition of Prid
February 3, 2012
NEW YORK, February 3, 2012—Print/Out at The Museum of Modern Art examines the many roles that prints play in artistic practices today, embracing the versatile and global nature of contemporary art in
June 30, 2011
June 5, 2011
I heard about this project over the weekend and thought ye lovers of type and letterpress would be interested.
May 6, 2011
Catalogue Review: Oak Knoll Books: 296, Books about Books, Bibliography, and Non Books about Books
March 29, 2011
Eric Gill had exacting and pointed opinions about postage stamps, their purpose, and their design.
March 24, 2011
Many of you will recall our attention to the recently produced documentary Typeface.