rebecca rego barry

Throughout the process of writing my new book, The Vanishing of Carolyn Wells: Investigations
Former Fine Books editor Rebecca Rego Barry is preparing to go on the road in anticipation of the publication of her new book
The Vanishing of Carolyn Wells is the first biography of one of the 'lost ladies' of detective fiction who wrote more than eighty mysteries and hundreds of other works …
I began blogging for Fine Books in late 2009. I remember agonizing over that first post, not yet acclimated to the kinds of content I should consider worthwhile for the Fine Books blog.
Few collectors are as passionate or as dogged in the pursuit of their quarry as collectors of rare books. In fact, book collecting is the only pastime that has a clinically diagnosable illness—…
In this day and age of downsizing print and book coverage, Fine Books is returning to print!