Inside Winter 2024
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Clues to the Forgotten
Unsung mystery and detective authors whose genre had its golden age a century ago
By Rebecca Rego Barry
Why We Collect
From memory keepers to librarians of the future, collectors share what drives them
By Jennifer Howard
Gently Mad
A Haunted Wonderland
Artist Natalie Frank creates drawings for horror and fantasy
The Folger Shakespeare Library Returns to the Stage
Miniaturist Miss Currie
Rare work from a leading book binding artist
In View
The Copy Machine Queen
The bookmaking legacy of Louise Odes Neaderland
Beyond the Basics
G. Thomas Tanselle
On the renowned scholar, bibliographer, and collector
Fine Maps
The Internet’s Atlas
Collector David Rumsey makes his map collection accessible to all
In the Library
Phillis Wheatley Peters
At the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture
Book Record Setters and Film Memorabilia
A roundup of first editions, ephemera, and curious objects
On the Block
Steinbeck’s Great and Precious Things
An auction of personal items from the literary legend
How I Got Started
Photobooks and Photographic Ephemera
Collector Annebella Pollen
Much of what we know about Phillis Wheatley Peters (1753–1784) is a brief biographical sketch. She was enslaved as a young girl. The Wheatley family…
The relationship between English writers Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens is under the spotlight in a groundbreaking exhibition celebrating the…
Artist Sammy Seung-min Lee draws inspiration from her Korean heritage and the culture’s traditional hanji paper. “Hanji” translates as “Korean paper…
From the mid-fifteenth to the nineteenth century, the letterpress dominated printing, allowing for little design variation. New techniques developed…