Christopher Lancette

Fine Books & Collections editor Rebecca Rego Barry noted last February that Mount Vernon announced a Donald W. Reynolds Foundation grant of $38 million to fund construction of a 45,000-square-foot library. What's also exciting about the new facility is that you don't have to
I almost choked on my breakfast bar this morning when I read that Washington D.C.'s beloved Politics and Prose bookstore is up for sale. The 26-year-old shop's owners are aging and say they just don't have the energy they used to.

I'm sure the news is sending
Fourteen "exceptional creative writers, independent scholars and academics" have been named as the New York Public Library's 2010 Cullman Center Fellows. The group will get to spend a year in residence in September at the library's famous building at Fifth Avenue
WASHINGTON -- Everyone who runs a business knows that it takes a long time to win a customer for life but that you can lose one in five seconds. That's about all it took today for an organizer of the Washington Antiquarian Book Fair to tempt me to cross it off the list of events I support. Worse, it could kill the interest in the entire hobby for a visitor who
Another WW II veteran, John Pistone, is doing something I'm not quite sure I could bring myself to do in his circumstances: He is returning to Germany an invaluable book taken as a war-time trophy. The 87-year-old Ohio native isn't surrendering just any book, either. The one in his possession for more than 60 years is an art book that