2010 Bookseller Resource Guide
Pop Up Architecture
2009-10-09 NEW YORK – Wendy Evans Joseph POP UP Architecture is an unconventional firm monograph in the form of a pop-up book. The full-color, large format book features ten projects (see list below) and reflects the firm’s work in the sense that that it dispenses with convention in favor of invention. The book is an artwork in itself, not a straightforward representation of how one experiences architecture. Joseph collaborated with Dutch pop-up expert Kees Moerbeek on the project. There will be a book signing on Wednesday, October 21 at 6 pm at Urban Center Books in New York. POP UP will be available at Urban Center Books, New Spoonbill & Sugartown, Brooklyn, New York, Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi and on Amazon.com.

In place of the staid and self-serious volume of photographs into which architects typically gather their work, POP UP is something far more mischievous, says Ms. Joseph.

Kees Moerbeek’s expertise helped to guide the evolution of the projects featured in the book from one reality to another. In the transformation from building to pop, each project acquired a new internal logic, even as Joseph and Moerbeek strived to be true to the original spirit. They considered the spatial narratives that led the miniatures to reveal themselves slowly, appearing one way at first, and then in other ways over time. The structures in this book are full of nooks and crannies, revealing countless details made from both images and words. Like real buildings, they invite exploration and observation from multiple angles, at multiple speeds.

The need to re-present the buildings, rather than merely depict them, proved an opportunity for Joseph to reflect on her work. She especially enjoyed seeing the original ideas that guided a building from sketch to full-scale reality called on again to produce a new, albeit, miniature reality. It allowed the principles underlying the architecture to resurface: Joseph’s abiding interest in the craft of making; her emphasis on program and site over and above ornament and form; and her design methodology that seeks to reduce ideas to their essence, rather than allowing them to proliferate and dilute.
POP UP was produced by Melcher Media, Inc., a full service editorial production firm that specializes in creative communication. The company’s work includes more than 120 books with some 12.5 million copies in print, including the popular pop-up titles The Pop Up Book of Phobias and The Pop-Up Book of Celebrity Meltdowns.

For more information about Wendy Joseph Architecture, visit their website at www.wejarchitecture.com.