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New Blog Inspired by Love of Books and Dogs
2009-08-11 Aug 05, 2009 "A Book and a Dog" is the new blog from Dog Lovers Bookshop co-owner Margot Rosenberg, a zealot for the rescue and rehabilitation of books as well as dogs.

The blog -- at http://abookandadog.blogspot.com -- is devoted to the incomparable companionship books and dogs provide, the joys and challenges of living with them, learning from them, and caring for them. The perspective is that of a professional bookseller and private collector who shares both business and personal time and space with a dog named Phoebe B. Dackel, who loves to be read to when she's not busy as Dog Lovers Bookshop's staff canine.

Drawing on her experience as a bookseller and writer on and practitioner of book care and repair, Rosenberg plans to report on encounters with fellow book lovers as she and Phoebe explore New York City (a recent post begins a tale of early-morning walks, old socks, and soiled books), the satisfaction of restoring books, and a host of ideas ranging from the hopeful (how to create a better world for books and dogs) to the eminently practical (tips on caring for books in home, business, and community settings).

The blog will also follow the progress of Rosenberg's new book, a sequel to "The Care and Feeding of Books Old and New: A Simple Repair Manual for Book Lovers" (St. Martin's Press, 2002), which she wrote with bookselling partner Bern Marcowitz.

Margot and Phoebe will post at least once a week at http://abookandadog.blogspot.com and can be contacted at info@dogbooks.com.

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Specializing in the domestic dog, wolf, fox, and other members of the family Canidae, with emphasis on the old and out-of-print, including fiction, nonfiction, art, training, health, and children's books, as well as our own manual on book care.