Spring 2019

Sponsored by Swan's Fine Books

For Dmitry Sayenko, bookmaking is a passion. Over the past 22 years, he has produced fine hand-made books that have been exhibited at book fairs, museums, libraries, and private collections, such as the Russian National Library, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Grolier Club, the Birmingham Museum of Art, the Van Abbemuseum, and the Eoun-ho Kim

The Art of Three Faiths: A Torah, a Bible and a Qur’an is not merely an exhibition but represents the culmination of a thirty-five-year search for a Hebrew manuscript. As curators of manuscripts at the J. Paul Getty Museum, we work with a rich collection of books written and decorated by hand from the Middle Ages,

An epistolary interview with John Coffer, one of the world’s foremost wet-plate photographers, suddenly comes to a close with: “Well, gotta’ go move some cattle.” The interview is being conducted by handwritten letters because Coffer is off the grid. He’s got no Internet on his fifty-acre homestead a few miles outside Dundee, New York, and he doesn’t offer up his phone number to anyone,

On New Year’s Day in 1920, a horse-drawn wagon carrying a typewriter and 175 books pulled up outside of a basement on West 45th Street in Manhattan. Frances Steloff, a thirty-two-year old who had honed her book-hunting skills from the eminent antiquarian Charles P. Everitt and as a clerk at Brentano’s, was setting up as an independent bookseller. Gotham Book & Art (later Gotham Book Mart