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Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 9.11.30 AM.pngBERNARD QUARITCH LIMITED has just published a new catalogue of rare and important books and manuscripts on food and drink from the library of the conductor and musician Christopher Hogwood (1941-2014). Music and food were two of the defining life-long passions of Christopher Hogwood, and in his search for authentic ways to perform period music, he found food to be a perfect metaphor for understanding the past through the senses. He even hosted historical post-concert dinners for his musicians, often with dishes based on recipes from the same period as the music previously performed. Hogwood started to collect cook books from the seventeenth century onwards when the holdings of the Cambridge University Library (now holding his music scores and musical library) could not satisfy his appetite for historical recipes.

This collection combines works by celebrity cookery writers of their time (often women making a very decent living from their culinary creations, like Hannah Glasse, Arabella Fairfax, Elizabeth Raffald, Charlotte Mason or Elizabeth Moxon) with spurious editions published on the back of their successes; and books on fantastic creations by nineteenth-century confectioner Frederic Nutt with books written at royal court, and about the gastronomic preferences of royals, e.g. by natural philosopher and courtier Sir Kenelm Digby.

Christopher Hogwood’s collection of culinaria also includes a large number of manuscripts with recipes from early modern Oxford (including very early recorded recipes for New College Pudding from the seventeenth century) to veritable micro-libraries of culinary, cosmetic, medicinal and household recipes in manuscript form, such as two manuscripts from the last quarter of the eighteenth century (Christopher Hogwood’s main musical period) compiled by one Mrs Nicolls.

Together with the hand-selected cookbooks from earlier periods (Hogwood followed the book and auction market very closely while also collecting historical musical instruments and art), this collection provides new insights into not only the history of food, but also Hogwood’s oeuvre and finely tuned understanding of history.

For further information, please contact Mark James ( / 020 7297 4873) or Anke Timmermann PhD ( / 020 7297 4855).

Les Enluminures Publishes Book

Binding and the Archeology of the Medieval and Renaissance Book is the first in a series of specialized catalogues LES ENLUMINURES gallery will publish as part of its Twentieth Anniversary Year celebration.
Gallery owner Sandra Hindman says the 32 manuscripts featured in this new catalogue “Hold special interest because of their beautiful original bindings and because the collection includes one of only two known bi-colored velvet Renaissance bindings, a precious English textile binding, and a remarkable Sienese binding with a painting of Mary Magdalene on its cover.”
          PARIS Dec 1 -- Binding and the Archeology of the Medieval and Renaissance Book is being published November 30 by the Parisian gallery, LES ENLUMINURES ( as part of a series of celebratory events in connection with the Twentieth Anniversary Year of the well known specialists in museum quality Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts and art.
          Dr. Sandra Hindman founded the gallery, located opposite The Louvre in Paris at the Le Louvre des Antiquaires, in 1991 and has seen it become among the top ranked sources for the most significant manuscripts and art entering the market.
          Les Enluminures clients include major museums and private collectors on five continents and the gallery is a featured exhibitor at the world’s most prestigious antiques and art fairs in New York, Paris, Maastricht and London.
          Hindman divides her time between her Paris gallery and her offices in Chicago and has written many books on the subject.
          Binding and the Archeology of the Medieval and Renaissance Book includes a carefully selected array of 32 manuscripts that Hindman says, “Hold special interest because of their rare, original and often spectacularly beautiful bindings.”
          The elegantly designed catalogue includes two or three color pictures of each manuscript, along with brief descriptions of each.  There is also a scholarly introduction, diagrams of bindings, and a glossary. 
          “We are really pleased to have acquired several extraordinarily rare examples including one of only two known bi-colored velvet Renaissance bindings, a precious English textile binding, and a remarkable Sienese binding with a painting of Mary Magdalene on its cover.”
          “This is just the first in a series of catalogues we intend to publish annually.  Our new series fulfills a goal of mine to make text manuscripts accessible to a wider audience.  It will allow us to treat themes we cannot treat comprehensively on our website and gives us something substantial to share with libraries and text manuscript enthusiasts here and abroad.”
          Specific themes of upcoming catalogues will focus on manuscripts that appear on  Les Enluminures 10-year-old site
          “I know the catalogues we are publishing for our Twentieth Anniversary Year will be of considerable interest to private collectors but above all to libraries all over the world, who are some of the principal clients of”
          Hindman also says,  “A second catalogue is already in preparation for release during 2011, our actual anniversary year.  It will focus on Bibles and things biblical.  It is being timed to coincide with the many other events worldwide that will be celebrating the 400th anniversary year of the publication of the famous King James Bible.”
          Among other activities LES ENLUMINURES plans for its Twentieth Anniversary Year is its inaugural participation in Masterpiece London, a high end fair the end of June that attracted a great deal of attention this year when it was staged for the first time.
          “We are delighted to have been invited into what is being called the best new addition to the international world fair circuit in years.”  Hindman says Les Enluminures will feature a selection of miniatures, manuscripts, and rings she feels will appeal to the many serious art connoisseurs expected to visit the London event.
          Les Enluminures will begin the year exhibiting in New York both at The Winter Antiques Show at the Park Avenue Armory (Jan 21-28) and at the C.G. Boerner Gallery (Jan 19 - Feb 5 at 23 East 73 Street) as part of Master Drawings Week.  In March Hindman will present important examples of Medieval and Renaissance art at TEFAF, Maastricht.
          “We are very excited about our spring show at our Paris gallery. It will be a special anniversary exhibition on the history of the gallery highlighting some of our historic sales to museums in each area in which we specialize, which includes miniatures, manuscripts, works of art, and Medieval and Renaissance rings.  Several new acquisitions in each of these fields will be offered too. Later in the year we plan an exhibition on medieval costume, tentatively titled “Dressing Up and Dressing Down in the Middle Ages.”
          Hindman extended the current show at the Paris gallery, FRANCE 1500: The Pictorial Arts at the Dawn of the Renaissance, to January 1st when it will travel to New York and then to Chicago. FRANCE 1500 will be shown at the Joel Oppenheimer Gallery, (Wrigley Building 410 North Michigan Avenue) from April 12 - 23, to coincide with the Art Institute of Chicago show February 26 - May 30, titled 'Kings, Queens, Courtiers: Art of Early Renaissance France.”  That show originated in Paris in October as “Entre Moyen Age et Renaissance: la France de 1500.”  It was organized by the Reunion des Musees de France and will remain on view at the Grand-Palais from October 6 - January 10.
          The 53 works Hindman selected for the FRANCE 1500 show “Reveal the artistically complex and productive period when the arts and their patrons were changing into what we might consider ‘modern’ times at the end of the Middle Ages and beginning of the Renaissance.  In the decades straddling the start of the 16h century some of the most important Manuscripts, Books of Hours, Single leaves and cuttings, Coffrets with early xylographs and Stained glass were created.”
          Hindman says many collectors have visited the web site to experience the "Virtual" Tour of the FRANCE 1500 exhibition, with its "Turn the Pages" feature, a boon to galleries featuring illuminated manuscripts and books. “It really gives connoisseurs access to artworks on display they’ve never been able to enjoy in this way before.”
For more information or copies of the catalogue, interviews and high resolution images please contact Susan Bishopric at THE BISHOPRIC AGENCY at or 212 289 2227.
Le Louvre des Antiquaires,
2 Place du Palais-Royal,
75001 Paris (France)
Tel: +33 1 42 60 15 58
Park Avenue Armory at East 67 Street
January 20 - 30
C.G.  BOERNER Gallery
23 East 73rd Street
New York
January 19 - February 5
9-6 Mon-Fri, Sat from 11-5
Chicago April 12 - 23
Wrigley Building
410 North Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611

Antique Map Catalogue

May 10th 2010 -- Antique Map Dealer Publishes Catalogue Of The World's Printed Antique Maps, From The Year 1472 To 1850. For auction houses, valuers, antique dealers, collectors.


Trying to find information on printed antique maps can be frustrating.  Collectors like reference works to list maps of a particular region and parts of that region in publication date order. Such a work exists for antique maps of North America ... but it only goes up to the year 1700. What about the period 1701 to 1850? Other regions may not have reference works at all, or if they do, they may not include maps of parts of the region concerned, or may be selective in other ways. Antique map information is full of black holes, which is why some potential collectors may decide to give antique maps a miss. However, Map World’s new catalogue in CD format contains 25000 maps of all parts of the world, which are listed by region and sub-region and in date order to the year 1850. Included are titles, sizes and some illustrations.


Map World’s new catalogue is important in another way. Virtually no reference works give current replacement values. Most antique maps can be replaced because more than one map was printed, and sometimes a few thousand were printed … although around 80 per cent of all antique maps have been destroyed. Map World’s catalogue lets you see what the replacement costs of individual antique maps are likely to be in 2010 and hopefully future editions will keep the collector up to date. 


The catalogue costs £45 ($70). Map World’s website is Map World was established in 1982, had a shop in the famous Burlington Arcade, Piccadilly, London, UK for 17 years until 2009, when the owner decided to trade in cyberspace.



The Atlas Catalogue

Martayan Lan offers new online catalogue with nearly every atlas in their inventory.  On offer in this online catalogue is nearly every atlas in our inventory, a number of which have been newly added to our web site. There are sterling examples of two of the great Dutch atlases - a late edition Ortelius and Jansson's very rare 8-volume city atlas. There is an exceptionally strong representation of American atlases - both American-printed (the S. A. Mitchell, Finley, Colton, White/ Willard, Garcia y Cubas, and Morse) - and non-American-printed with America as the focus: Wytlfliet; Sayer & Bennett's "Holster Atlas" for Revolutionary War officers; Vandermaelen; Buchon; and the set of maps from Diderot’s encyclopedia.
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