The Presidential Collection of Everett Fisher at RR Auction

WH Harrison .jpgBOSTON, MA - RR Auction is proud to present The Presidential Collection of Everett Fisher in a special online auction that runs through March 17. 

Fisher was a lifelong student and lover of history began seeking out presidential autographs in the 1970s and purchased exclusively top-notch items. His patience and discriminating taste resulted in a complete collection—from Washington to Clinton— of items signed as president, remarkably well preserved and boasting absolutely fascinating content. Whether it be through humor, rich detail, or untold stories, Fisher was always searching for items that offered new perspectives on events or historical figures, treasuring pieces that revealed their legendary subjects as actual people.

“Fisher was a true historian, he thoroughly understood each piece within the context of American history,” said Robert Livingston, Executive VP at RR Auction, adding “he rarely sold anything; so many of these items have been off the market for decades.”

Among the nearly 100 lots that originate from estate of Everett Fisher:

William Henry Harrison vellum signed appointment document. (Estimate: $75,000+)

George Washington signed letter as president discussing his disdainful of those monetizing his likeness.  (Estimate: $25,000+)

John Adams signed letter confronting the Constitution and powers of the presidency. (Estimate: $25,000+)

Thomas Jefferson letter that commends the Quakers’ efforts to peacefully ‘civilize’ Native Americans, without “grafting bigotry or ignorance.” (Estimate: $25,000+) 

A graduate of Yale and Yale Law School, a Navy veteran, and a dedicated trust and estate attorney from Greenwich, Connecticut, he never retired. Driven by his passion for historical autographs, he spent decades compiling one of the finest presidential collections in private hands.

Widely respected for his scrupulous integrity and devotion to his community, he worked tirelessly to improve the lives of those with few opportunities and was associated with numerous charitable organizations. In recognition of his contributions, Governor Jodi Rell declared his 90th birthday, May 23, 2010, as ‘Everett Fisher Day’ through-out the state of Connecticut. On a personal level, he enjoyed sharing his passion for autographic material by gifting friends and family items signed by their favorite figures—a testament to his thoughtful generosity.

“We are honored to present this amazing selection of items, undoubtedly the finest presidential collection we have ever had the privilege of offering,” said Robert  Livingston, Executive VP at RR Auction.

Online bidding for The Presidential Collection of Everett Fisher from RR Auction will begin on March 10, 2016 and conclude on March 17, 2016, at 7PM ET. More details can be found online at

Image Courtesy of RR Auction.

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