CorgiPack Introduces Low-Cost Corrugated Mailers for Book and Media Shippers

Fulton, NY—December 2013—CorgiPack, a U.S. provider of packing and shipping supplies announced the debut of its line of fiberboard mailers. Consisting of a corrugated B-flute pad bonded to a Kraft linerboard, the CorgiPack mailer cushions and form-fits its contents, and combines a carton’s best features—rigidity, edge and corner protection—with the lighter weight and low cost associated with less protective plastic bubble envelopes.   

“In our hyper-competitive marketplace customers are expecting lower shipping charges or even “free” shipping. As a result, booksellers and other small package shippers are seeking new efficiencies to stay competitive,” said Noah Goverman, Coripack’s CEO. “We’ve responded by developing a featherweight rigid mailer to minimize postal and carrier costs, and with a unit price less than half of a comparably sized corrugated carton or bookfold.”

CorgiPack’s light weight doesn’t equate to low performance. In extensive real world testing conducted earlier this year, booksellers mailed over 5,000 CorgiPack-wrapped books and other media to their customers in the US and internationally. “We are excited that over the course of testing there were no reported failures of our mailers. We had the good fortune to hit upon a robust combination of materials and design at the first go,” said Goverman.  

It takes about 15 seconds to pack an item with CorgiPack. Any adhesive poly tape or water-activated gummed paper tape can be used for closure, but the manufacturer encourages its customers to try paper tape because it keeps the packaging “green” and 100% recyclable. Also, paper tape permanently bonds with the Kraft linerboard thereby increasing package security—it can’t be peeled open and resealed without obvious signs of tampering.

CorgiPack is now available in two sizes directly from The smaller has a 10” corrugated pad and is designed for shipping mass market and quality paperbacks, books, DVDs, CDs, videotapes and other items up to about 8.5” tall. The larger has a 12” pad to handle standard hardcover fiction and non-fiction, manuals, workbooks, craft and music books, sheet music and other items up to about 11.5” tall. A third size is under development for art and photography monographs, “coffee table” books and other oversize items up to about 14” tall.  

More information on CorgiPack corrugated mailers, including product images and instructional videos can be found at the company’s website

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