Rare Revolutionary War Flag at Freeman’s

November 2012 (Philadelphia, Pa) - How rare? This is the oldest example of a Color for the Virginia Line and likely the last that will ever come to auction. It is estimated to go for between $400,000 and $600,000, but it's anybody's guess, as a flag of this historical significance is the rarest of the rare indeed! Come see for yourself live at 6pm on November 14.

"It is the Symbol and Soul of a regiment," says Colonel J. Craig Nannos AUS (RET)-and not just any regiment at that. The 8th Virginia was first formed and commanded by the General Peter Muhlenberg, the legendary Fighting Parson of the American Revolution. It is from this great scion of the important Muhlenberg family that this flag has descended, down through the generations.
This exquisite piece of history flew proudly at the battles of Brandywine, Germantown and Monmouth, among others, where the 8th Virginia fought valiantly under General Muhlenberg's command. Very few regimental colors have survived the ravages of time. Made of silk, they are exceedingly delicate. Of those that have survived, there are exceedingly few that remain in private hands. Such has been the case for more than 100 years ago, since the U.S. Centennial, when all known examples of these important symbols of our national identity were entrusted to the care of public institutions for safekeeping.
Also featured in our sale is part of an extensive Muhlenberg manuscript archive, representing the public and sometimes private lives of Pennsylvania's leading German family from the period of the American Revolution through the Civil War. These include the General's letters to his brothers about his military role and-especially illuminating-the General Order and Brigade Order book, kept by his orderly from May through November, 1777, a period that encompasses both Brandywine and Germantown. Hundreds of letters on offer also feature important historical content concerning the political affairs of U.S. Congressman and diplomat Henry Augustus Phillip Muhlenberg, including several from sitting presidents and a document signed by Benjamin Franklin.
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