Ethiopian Manuscript

The public is invited to a seminar on Ethiopian Christianity and the monastery of Gunda Gunde, which produced the Getty’s recently acquired manuscript.

LOS ANGELES—The J. Paul Getty Museum presents Ethiopian Manuscript Illumination in Context, a half-day seminar examining the Museum’s recently acquired Ethiopian Gospel book from 1504/5.  The seminar features prominent scholars of Ethiopian Christianity and illumination, presenting current research to enrich understanding of this fascinating manuscript.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to view the Ethiopian Gospels featured in the current Museum exhibition Building the Medieval World.


Ethiopian Manuscript Illumination in Context is offered Wednesday, March 10, 2010, from 10am-1pm in the Museum Lecture Hall at the Getty Center.  The seminar begins with independent scholar Marilyn E. Heldman, who presents a general overview of early book decoration in Ethiopia, focusing specifically on Gospel books and the Gunda Gunde style. Getty Assistant Curator Christine Sciacca follows with a discussion of the Getty manuscript and its vibrant images.  St. John’s University Professor Getatchew Haile then provides a general introduction to Ethiopian Christianity and monastic life, in particular the monastery of Gunda Gunde, which produced the Getty manuscript.  The seminar closes with discussion and questions, and a reception.


"The Ethiopian Gospel book offers Getty visitors the unusual opportunity to view a manuscript filled with striking and powerful images produced by one of the earliest Christian traditions in the world,” said Sciacca.


Admission to Ethiopian Manuscript Illumination in Context is free, but reservations are required and seats are limited.  For reservations, visit or call (310) 440-7300.  Parking at the Getty Center is $15.

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