UK Rare Booksellers Join World Event for Rare Books and Literacy

Nearly 100 British booksellers in Oxford harness the Power of 1,800 colleagues Worldwide on UNESCO’s World Book and Copyright Day Saturday April 23, 2016

PBFA OXFORD BOOK FAIR, 23-24 April 2016. Oxford Brookes Wheatley Campus, Wheatley OX33 1HX WWW.OXFORDBOOKFAIR.ORG

On Saturday April 23 nearly 100 booksellers in Oxford will take part in a unique worldwide event. For 24 hours a worldwide chain of rare book events will occur. Starting on the East Coast of Australia running through Asia and Europe and ending on the West Coast of the United States, booksellers in 15 countries and nearly 30 locations will hold quick and often quirky events that celebrate rare books, autographs and manuscripts, maps and other paper items. Booksellers will show and talk some of the rarest and most interesting items they own while raising funds for literacy.

“Fill an Empty Bookcase and change our world!” Fair manager Tom Lintern-Mole from rare booksellers Antiquates Ltd said today. “We are raising funds for the Forest Whitaker Initiative for Peace and Development’s work in South Sudan. “Literacy rates in South Sudan are appalling. 84% of women are illiterate and 70% of men - what hope is there for these individuals, this country or even the world as whole with literacy rates like this?”

We invite book lovers, librarians and anyone who cares about literacy will come to the fair at Oxford Brookes Wheatley Campus, Wheatley, OX33 1HX Saturday the 23rd Noon-6pm (continuing Sunday 24 10am-4pm) between. For a small amount you can purchase a symbolic book spine and help us fill the symbolic Empty Bookcase. Just £3 buys a book and £15 buys a whole set of 12 specially written for the children of Sudan addressing issues they face in daily life. In 2015 Pop Up Rare Book Events organized by the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB) raised enough to buy 1,930 books and 500 pens and paper. This year we hope to raise even more!

For more information:

Tom Lintern-Mole, 07921 151496,

Follow the worldwide events for 24 hours live in the internet on!