Events | July 14, 2016

Sixth CODEX Biennial International Book Fair & Symposium

The 6th Biennial CODEX Book Fair and Symposium will take place February 5-8, 2017, at the Craneway Pavillion, in Richmond, California. 

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Digital is dead! At least for one week this coming February. Over 200 of the world’s most accomplished book artists, private presses, and fine art publishers will exhibit their work from 25 countries from as far away as China, Russia and Australia.


This event has been enormously popular with local, national, and global audiences. The CODEX Book Fair now in its 12th year is the highlight in the book art world. Artists have been active in printing and book production for centuries, but book arts is a unique late 20th and early 21st century art form. This year CODEX will feature contemporary book arts in China—featuring Xu Bing, Lu Jingren and Leilei Guo 

“We are at each successive CODEX Fair witnessing the emergence of brilliantly conceived, innovative and exceptional books that are at once synaesthetic, pan-linguistic, and multi-disciplinary works of art and language. These books are being made in very limited editions in private ateliers and workshops that are often capable of surpassing most of the technical limits of the past century,” to quote Peter Rutledge Koch, Berkeley artist/printer and founder of the CODEX Foundation. 

Indeed, the gathering has transcended a traditional trade fair to become, as Koch notes, “a unique happening in which the collector is allowed a personal encounter with the artist. It generates a kind of energy that both collectors and artists crave.” 

Charles Faulhaber, former Director of The Bancroft Library, has called CODEX “a feast for bibliophiles unmatched anywhere in the world.” This will once again be an exceptional book-week in the grand San Francisco tradition, a veritable art phenomenon in itself. Visitors have been overwhelmed, some returning two or three times... typically exclaiming, “Wow! I had NO idea how rich and unique this fair would be!” 

The Craneway Pavillion, formerly a Ford Assembly Plant and now an historic landmark, is located on the waterfront in Richmond, California. With floor to ceiling windows along its wharf side, and spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay as a backdrop, the Craneway is an ideal location to spend a day among some of the world’s most exciting books. 

Tickets are $10 to attend the CODEX 2017 Book Fair and will be sold at the door. 

THE CODEX FOUNDATION  2205 Fourth Street, Berkeley, California 94710 USA