Exhibit | August 12, 2013

Lloyd Library and Museum Wins Grant for Wounded Home Exhibition

Cincinnati, OH — August 12, 2013 — The Lloyd Library and Museum is pleased to announce that it is the recipient of a Project Grant from the Ohio Arts Council, a grant made possible through a grant to OAC by the National Endowment for the Arts. This grant went to support the installation of the Lloyd’s ambitious and visionary exhibition, Wounded Home, a commemoration of the Civil War and its impact on the home front.  

Combining text and images from the Lloyd Library and Museum’s collection of Civil War resources with  their own aesthetic vision, visual artists Mary Jo Bole, Deborah Brod, Jenny Fine, Celene Hawkins, Saad Ghosn, Kate Kern and Alice Pixley Young, have worked together to  create a poignant and disturbing room within a room in the Lloyd’s gallery space, the Wounded Home. Pieces in the installation include jarring views of what one might have seen right outside a window, from a field of tents to a cemetery filled with rows of the dead.

Once in the interior space, wallpaper filled with both iconic and disturbing images reminds us of the horrors of the war. A chandelier provides a look at the economic impetus behind the conflagration, and table, settee, and portraits bring a painful reminder of the walking wounded who made it home and had to continue their lives in whatever fashion was possible.  A fireplace burns with images of Cincinnati, of the first mechanized/factory-based war, and of the horror and uncertainty of war.  Finally, a hidden room engages viewers in the importance, especially in Cincinnati, of the Ohio River, what it meant to be on the edge of the North and South.  The Lloyd website provides a portal for viewing images from the exhibition, learning about the artists and their individual contributions, and what the exhibition means to the Lloyd Library. http://www.lloydlibrary.org/exhibits/woundedhome.html

About the Lloyd: The Lloyd Library and Museum, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, is a local and regional cultural treasure, which began in the 19th century as a research library for Lloyd Brothers Pharmacists, Inc., one of the leading pharmaceutical companies of the period.  Our mission is to collect and maintain a library of botanical, medical, pharmaceutical, and scientific books and periodicals, and works of allied sciences that serve the scientific research community, as well as constituents of the general public, through library services and programming that bring science, art, and history to life.  It is open Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:00, and 1st and 3rd Saturdays, 9:00-4:00.  For more information, visit the Lloyd website at www.lloydlibrary.org.