ILAB Bookseller Webinar on COVID-19, April 9

Courtesy of ILAB

Access to reliable and relevant information is vital in a time of crisis. Many of our colleagues are concerned about the following weeks and months, have spend weeks re-organizing the business, were forced to lock up shops, send staff on leave or furlough or are simply in lockdown at home.

Events and fairs in the rare book world were cancelled or postponed all over the world. Now is the time to stand together as a worldwide trade.
ILAB would like to thank the following speakers who are prepared to answer questions from colleagues, share some of their experience and their view on the current situation and also share ideas with colleagues when this type of exchange is most needed:

Brad Johnson, US
Mario Giupponi, Italy
Pom Harrington, UK
Ryu Sato, Japan
Hervé Valentin, France
Sibylle Wieduwilt, Germany

The webinar will be moderated by ILAB President, Australian bookseller Sally Burdon. Pre-registration is not required but allow yourself a bit of time if you have not used Zoom before as the software might take a little while to install on your computer / device.

Please click this link to join the webinar:
No pre-registration is required. Only click on the link on the day.

DATE: Thursday, 9 April 2020
Los Angeles 6am, New York 9am

ILAB invites participants by being a part of our worldwide audience and to send questions to be put to the panelists. Questions may be sent immediately to ILAB Secretary Angelika Elstner at or to ILAB President Sally Burdon:

Viewers are encouraged to ask live questions during the webinar via the Q&A button.

Sally Burdon, ILAB President in a message to all ILAB booksellers worldwide on 6 April 2020:

"As a result of the rapid spread of the Corona Virus we are all now experiencing unprecedented and ever-changing living and business environments. Our sympathies go out to all those whose health has been directly or indirectly affected by it. Some colleagues have already gone through severe health problems, others are still not well. We wish them all a fast return to full health.

ILAB will do everything in its power to keep affiliates up to date on relevant events and information as it comes to light.

ILAB is here and listening – we want to help! Like you the ILAB Committee are uncertain as to what is going to emerge in the new world as a result of the impact of COVID-19, how long the current situation will continue or what the results will be, but we want to assure you that we are all working to support you through these testing times.

You can contact me, any member of the ILAB committee or Angelika Elstner at any time!

We will get through this together. On the bright side there will undoubtedly be some new ideas and opportunities that become clear, no doubt we will learn new skills and coping strategies during this time and in the meantime Amor Librorum Nos Unit...  Let’s support each other and we will emerge all the stronger for it."