Exhibit | May 1, 2015

Hernán Buljevich’s Miniatures on Exhibit through June 15


Argentinian native Hernán Buljevich is a master artisan and miniaturist specializing in the creation of highly detailed European and South American landmark restaurants, bars and public houses (better known as pubs). Hernán’s passion for miniatures began during his university years while earning a degree in architecture from Universidad Católica de la Plata (UCLP).  The inspiration for his work stems from a lifelong love of Spain and his appreciation for classic Spanish architecture, signature style, cuisine, and the dining experience’s impact on socializing in Spanish culture.  

Local bars and pubs are integral in Spanish social life; they are places to gather together to connect or celebrate events. At a typical Spanish bar people stop by for a drink before or with lunch or at the finish of the workday to meet with friends. Various types of Spanish bars include: las cafeterias (offering coffee, pulgas, pitufos or small sandwiches, toastadas or toast, churros and traditional hot chocolate), las tabernas (offering meals in an informal context at the bar or at one of few tables) and los chiringuitos (bars found on or adjacent to one of Spain’s many beaches).

One of the most well-known landmarks where Hernán’s work is featured is Restaurante Botin (www.botin.es) in Madrid.  Founded in 1725, Botín is one of the world’s oldest restaurants and features a stunning array of original period architectural elements which Hernán has captured with his miniatures.

To introduce his work in the U.S. Hernán has created “Alma de España” (Spain of Soul) for the Spring 2015 exhibition at D. Thomas Fine Miniatures.  This piece is based on a compilation of various Spanish pubs with the intention of conveying the style, décor and sensibility of the typical, classic Spanish pub.  

Hernán’s motivating credo is simple: “Every piece I create should show life and tell a special story and to capture the very essence and soul of that structure.”  Yet, his creative process is anything but simple.  He estimates he has spent more than 900 hours to create Alma de España using a variety of materials he categorizes as “improvisation.” Wood, cardboard, acrylic polyurethane, polystyrene and an assortment of recycled materials including used soda cans, food containers, broken bijouterie (old trinkets, jewelry, other tattered adornments), old screws, rusty nails and anything else found at the bottom of a drawer are key elements.  For example, to create the “choperas” (the tap used to serve beer) he used an old auto tire valve. And for each of the 400+ liquor bottles on the bar Hernán begins by hand-carving a wood model and then molds individual bottles using resin and then finally painting each by hand with traditional markings. 

This attention to detail, along with his interesting use of textures, colors and finishes is unique in the world of miniatures.  And the feelings, which the viewer walks away with, are unparalleled in the world of miniature art.

D. Thomas Fine Miniatures is pleased to present a sample of the incredible work of Hernán Buljevich starting now through mid-June 2015.  For more information, visit www.dthomasfineminiatures.com.

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