December 3, 2012

Guernsey’s Auction of Rare Magic Posters Dec. 9

New York, NY - For more than a century, stunningly graphic posters have been created to promote extraordinary performances by the world's great magicians. Though extremely rare by comparison to posters created to promote motion pictures or warn of war, there have been a sufficient number of magic posters produced over the decades to allow wonderful collections to be assembled. On Sunday, December 9th, Guernsey's will be auctioning one of the finest of these collections when it sells the Kanter Magic Poster Collection at New York City's Arader Galleries at Madison Avenue and 78th Street.
For roughly half a century, Alan Kanter has been assembling some of the most sought after magic posters known to exist. His Collection, numbering about sixty posters, includes pristine examples ranging in size from the classic "one sheet" (approx. 30" x 40") to massive framed multi-sheet examples up to 110" tall. Naturally, one tends to think of the remarkable Houdini when thinking about the artistry of magic and to be sure, there are five stunning images of the great legend, including an extremely rare 1902 poster of Houdini in a German courtroom and a fabulous 1911 multi-sheet portrait of Houdini for President! Other rarities include a Keller "Gollywogs", a 1908 Thurston "Mantle of Magic" and 1910 "Eggs", and posters featuring such other famed magicians as Blackstone, Chung Ling Soo, Fu Manchu, Karmi and Leroy. Some of the world's finest poster artists were commissioned to create these graphic masterpieces such as the Frenchman, Jules Cheret who painted the vivid "Magie Noire" poster.

Previewing of the Kanter Collection will be on December 7th and 8th at the Arader Galleries, while absentee bidding will be taking place online at Although Guernsey's will be accommodating to those who wish to bid by telephone or email, the auction house certainly encourages live participation in an auction as "magical" as this.

Naturally, the items above represent only the smallest sampling from this extraordinary event. Interested collectors are urged to contact Guernsey's for complete information.