Catalogues | January 22, 2010

The Atlas Catalogue

Martayan Lan offers new online catalogue with nearly every atlas in their inventory. On offer in this online catalogue is nearly every atlas in our inventory, a number of which have been newly added to our web site. There are sterling examples of two of the great Dutch atlases—a late edition Ortelius and Jansson's very rare 8-volume city atlas. There is an exceptionally strong representation of American atlases—both American-printed (the S. A. Mitchell, Finley, Colton, White/ Willard, Garcia y Cubas, and Morse)—and non-American-printed with America as the focus: Wytlfliet; Sayer & Bennett's "Holster Atlas" for Revolutionary War officers; Vandermaelen; Buchon; and the set of maps from Diderot’s encyclopedia.

Important and/or rare atlases of non-American interest include an 18th century composite atlas of Russia published in St. Petersburg; D’Anville’s atlas of China; and three rare, Italian atlases by Nicolosi, Borghi, and Marzolla. You will also find two of the great early isolarios (atlases of islands)—a first edition Bordone (1528) and the 1590 Porcacchi, an edition updated with important maps.

Also offered here are a group of important walls bound in atlas form: the Nolli of Rome; a French edition of the great Mitchell map of North America; and a breathtaking, period-colored map of the Dutch province of Schieland.

Please note also that our most recent printed catalogue—No. 43: Fine Antique Maps & Atlases—can now be viewed in full on our web site by visiting:

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