September 3, 2012

Antique Elegance Featuring Vintage Hollywood/TV Costumes

DALLAS, TX — Join the thousands of attendees, collectors and industry experts from around the world, for our 37th annual show! You are invited to one of the most prestigious antique shows in the South! Antique Elegance® is a special show for a select group of unique and fine quality items, specializing in Pre- Civil War and the Victorian era through 1950s. Customers from the east to the west coast, Europe and Asia attend just to browse, shop and delight in the lovely array of Victorian accessories & antiques that we assemble under one roof. Antique Elegance is run by Steven Porterfield, and occurs twice a year. It is considered one of the nation’s premier antique shows which today includes pre-Civil War to the 1950??s.
“I was amazed at the quality of the exhibits…” ??-Private Collector, 2011 Spring Show

Our 2012 Fall Show Offers:
Textiles, Vintage Jewelry, Ornate Silver, Vintage Clothing, China, Cut Glass, Furniture, Artwork, Friendly Experts, Special Events & Classes, Fashion Shows

Steven Porterfield is the owner of The Cats Meow, in Midland, TX, a mecca of textile and antique collectors since 1985. Since then, the store has been expanded and developed into a large venture, selling not only vintage clothing, but a wide variety of antiques, textiles, and jewelry. His clientele includes collectors, museums, industrialists, the general public, the fashion, movie and television industries-including items for use in award-winning shows such as MAD MEN, BOARDWALK EMPIRE, AND DOWNTON ABBEY! Steven also travels many weeks of the year buying and selling, working on museum installations and exhibits, as well as appearing on the PBS hit show, Antiques Roadshow.