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A new catalogue of rare books on chess from Bernard Quaritch features one of their own previous…
Auctions November 17, 2022
Yesterday in the artsy community of Hudson, New York, an historic, eight-hour auction took place. Stair Galleries sold the personal collection of author Joan Didion (1934-2021).
Current Events & Trends November 17, 2022
A campaign to recognise the life and work of Scottish crime writer Josephine Tey has been successful with the installation of a blue plaque on the building where her family business operated. There have been various blue plaque schemes in the UK dating back to the mid-19th century. They usually…
Current Events & Trends November 16, 2022
The winter issue of Fine Books & Collections takes a timely look at political cartoons, including an interview with a collector about what we can all learn from his collection.
Current Events & Trends November 16, 2022
Our new annual FB&C Collector's Resource Guide is now available free online. Fully updated, this is an indispensable publication which brings together a wealth of book-related resources. Inside this packed guide you’ll find comprehensive lists of used and rare booksellers, plus useful details…
Current Events & Trends November 16, 2022
A series of auctions of a large collection of paintings, furniture and collector’s items from Valdemar’s Castle on the Danish island of Tåsinge continues with a dedicated rare books sale at the end of this month.
Current Events & Trends November 16, 2022
This year’s annual presitigous Sandars Lectures at the University of Cambridge will focus on Incunabula in Cambridge: European heritage and global dissemination.
Book Reviews November 15, 2022
As bibliomysteries go, the first paragraph of The Mysterious Mr Badman by WF Harvey is a particularly tantalizing one: “When at two o'clock on a sultry July afternoon Athelstan Digby undertook to keep an eye on the contents of the old bookshop in Keldstone High Street, he deliberately forgot to…
Current Events & Trends November 14, 2022
The Travel, Atlases, Maps & Natural History sale at Sotheby's London ends on Tuesday, November 15. The 193 lots include the atlas volume of George Collot's Voyage dans l'Amérique septentrionale (1826, but printed 1804), which is estimated at £70,000–80,000.
Current Events & Trends November 11, 2022
It’s that time of year again for student book collectors to check their diaries and think about applications for book collecting prizes. Here is a selection of the major awards which aim to encourage a new generation. Interest is usually more important than size of collection, but please click the…
Current Events & Trends November 10, 2022
Our readers will be familiar with designer and curator Barbara Heller’s deluxe editions of Pride & Prejudice and Little Women, because we have recommended them. They set themselves apart because Heller has tucked recreations of manuscript letters and other pieces of print ephemera into pockets…